Locatión: Guanacaste, Tamarindo, Costa del Pacifico Central.

If you've come to the surfing paradise Costa Rica to surf good waves, have fun, have a unforgettable experience Sisisi Transfer & tours you can fulfill giving you security and excellent advice only need for predisposition and confidence. Our highly trained instructors will surf in the Pacific Ocean. You can choose between different options of classes according to your level and your time of travel, we offer you the accommodation service in our surf camp, only you clik and sees our service offering.


Locatión: Tamarindo, Guanacaste.

Get ready to enjoy the sea or estuary of another completely different perspective you can take a Kayak Tour that will take you through the waters that surround the area and explore the wildlife from another angle next to SiSiSi Transfers & Tours Costa Rica. If you like nature, our kayaking tours do explore the estuaries of Tamarind in a fun way. You can stop at different places to take photos or enjoy the serene atmosphere. Kayak tours are offered to the families and groups wanting to experience the serene beauty of the area.



Locatión:  Tamarindo, Flamingo, El Coco, Guanacaste.

In the ocean, with colors and fascinating creatures you have the possibility to meet with the nature being introduced to the water by means of the scuba tank or snorkel. You can dive on the Island of the coconut, Catalinas, Caño Island, bats and many other places. Offers 30 to 80; of visibility and the water temperature around 64 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. These dive sites are ideal for anyone who wants to see huge manta rays, tip reef sharks, nurse sharks, bull sharks, octopus, sea turtles, stingrays, eagle rays, stingrays guitar, moray eels and large variety of tropical fish and marine life. You can also expect to see dolphins, turtles and whales on the boat trip to the dive sites. You don't have to be certified to scuba dive, only a couple of lessons and you are inside. Start with a course of Resort of 3 hours of training and 2 dives in the pool, the next morning, it was places to dive. If you want SSI certification / PADI, book 4 days for the theory, the work and the swimming pool dives in the sea. Even if you are already certified, we can go to Catalina Island or Cape sails to experience the great marine life. At a depth of 70 to 80 feet you will see a variety of fish, sharks and rays.


Locatión : Tamarindo, Flamingo ,El Coco, Guanacaste.

In the middle of idyllic beaches of white sand and crystal clear waters Guanacaste offers excellent climatic conditions for sport fishing species such as Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Wahoo, mackerel, Fish Gallo and others are some of the many species that are found in the Pacific coast of Guanacaste, Costa Rica in general. In this activity, both beginners and experts will enjoy the opportunity to fish some of the larger fish and most ferocious of the oceans. Accompanied by knowledgeable local boat captains and a support team to launch your rope to the ocean and try to fish within this wide variety of fish. Those who are captured can be brought to ground and cooked to enjoy a fresh and wonderful dinner. While enjoying the sea, you can also enjoy the opportunity to observe turtles, seabirds, dolphins and whales. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the scenery is breathtaking, full of fun moments, and the fishing will be enjoying! Only you need: sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and much energy to make it an unforgettable experience Pura Vida! SiSiSi!



Locatión: Tamarindo , Flamingo , Guanacaste


Sailing  is one of the largest experiences the world. Transfers SiSiSi & Tours will accompany you in an incredible experience. You can feel the wind in your hair, enjoying the sun on your face, and navigate to a private cove where you can snorkel, kayak or simply go for a swim. Enjoy a light meal and beverages, all inclusive. The tour navigation takes you to some of the beaches and bays more divine in the world, and on the way home experience a beautiful sunset.




SUP Stand Up  Paddle Board

Locatión: Tamarindo, Avellanas, Danta , Playa Negra, Guanacaste

Take a lesson from SUP is a unique experience you start the adventure with our experienced bilingual instructor, the tea will provide a personalized instruction you clearly explained with examples at the beach, next to the work material on the beach on security, correct posture, position of balance, techniques of paddled and surfing. After the explanation will be the time to go to the water.

Duration: 2 hours


  Stand Up Paddle Boarding Lessons

- Up to 2 Hours lesson from experienced staff

- $80 for 1 Person

- $65 per Person for groups of 2 or more


Locatión: Guanacaste.


Looking at the water that flows through rivers embarked on a raft we rode by the rapids to blazing speeds. Most of the rapids on the fall of this country within the category of class III-IV, all will surely make you feel like you have an unforgettable experience that is marked in t heart. Best of all, the rafting as a sport has virtually no negative impact on the environment. In Costa Rica you can choose between different options according to your level and sports level of adrenaline that you want you get from class II to V. SiSiSi Transfers & Tours offers you options at the moment in Guanacaste.


Locatión: Rincon de La Vieja , Guanacaste.


You want a refreshing experience containing adrenaline level to a fun Tubing is the perfect choice. One of the most exciting stroll down the river in a rubber tube, you will pass through calm waters, Aguas Blancas will feel the adrenaline from the rapid force. The rocks rub the water, but are blocked by the tube as a carriage El Chocón, sending the adventurer in all directions, running forward or backward. The lush tropical rainforest is a periphery picturesque, through canyons and the thick vegetation. In fact, the sound of the stream of blue water is quiet in comparison with the howler monkeys, insects and birds. You can choose between several different options that you offers SiSiSi Transfers & Tours Costa Rica.

Wawe Runner- Walbord- Inflables

Locatión:Tamarindo, Flamingo, Conchal, Guanacaste.


Playa Conchal in one of the most fun water sports in the world, with our brokers of powerful waves of it we will be pulling in the warm, crystal clear waters of the tropical Pacific Ocean  that will make you enjoy and try different tricks so that you gain experience. It is also a good exercise, because you will have to work the entire body to stand up and flow. Duration: 30 minutes. Includes Transportation .Price: $70


Inflatable with a desire to get wet and ride the waves of the sea cruises Playa Conchal and Tamarindo or our Torpedo2, Big Bertha, Stunt Flyer or Rip II. Soak and have an explosion. It is like a rodeo in the water. It is necessary to work in team and rely on the corners. It is exciting, exhausting and very fun! Mount these inflatables are a great fun for the whole family, one by one, or simply a couple with similar weights. Price $70


Tamarindo Wawer runner looking for a special race of energy? Stroll along the beautiful waters of Tamarindo Bay with its own jet ski. There are many beautiful coves to explore, a beautiful island to enjoy. Price $60


North of Conchal Our guide will take you to the most beautiful beaches of the north coast of Conchal.In the first place is the beach Playa Brasilito, where you can surround an island that is just right in front of this beach. Then visit Flamingo Beach you will see beautiful white sand that is special for the swimmers, later, surrounds the Punta Esmeralda we are going to fit personal watercraft by different beaches in these places you can snorkel. Price $75


Flamingo Beach Nothing compares with the thrill of a walk along the Gold Coast of Playa Flamingo in a high rate of speed. Beautiful beaches, emerald waters and the stunning scenery is just the beginning. Turtles, dolphins and whales frequenting the local waters and are often seen on our tours jet ski. We offer a high performance Yamaha VX 700 personal watercraft. Prices $75


Requirements Jetsky: The driver has to be 18 years or more. The passenger has to have more than 8 years of age. The customer must leave a deposit with credit card guarantee of $ 500 per Jetski. At least 2 drivers can go on a tour. We reserve the right to suspend all the drivers that are causing problems or do not follow the instructions of the guide, what it is to avoid any type of accident

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