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Vandara Combo Tour


Locatión: Rincón de La Vieja.

If you are looking for a travel destination of adventure, look no further. This is your tour, you'll delve into forests, you will hear the roaring waters of rivers and waterfalls, you will discover the legacy of ancient cultures.




Carries out several activities enjoyable way , it will start by riding to go to the organic orchard through the paths outlined by the jungle, you will be able to observe an infinity of animals and plants beautiful when you think that this tour has just been begins the best flying through the air through the jungle canopy will arrive at the pool of hot water to relax, and in the normal way your appetite will be awake after both exercise and will offer you a gourmet lunch. The property boasts a team of guides specialized in Adventure Tourism. We have and we comply with all safety standards to ensure your visit. We have a paramedic in staff, four first aid stations and equipment pre-hospital.


Waterslide Adventure a specialized guide will take you to the waterslide, equip them with all the necessary tools and will give you the appropriate instructions on how to use the slide. This experience offers a refreshing wave of adrenaline in a impressive environment. Before you know if you are going to be running for a long slide of 400 meters down in a swimming pool, making a great welcome! We guarantee that you will need to do this again and again.


Canopy Tour & Tarzan Swing This is the perfect activity for people who enjoy experiences of high adrenaline. This canopy tour consists of 11 platforms of variable height. From its unique point of view that you will be able to see the colorful landscapes shaken up by below you as you cross over the river Tizate. If you're lucky you might even glimpse deer, armadillos, raccoons, anteaters and tropical birds. You can reach the starting point for this tour by horse or in a van. A professional guide will give you a safety talk and then you will be to explore the blue sky above. As an optional activity and additional to this tour we offer you our Tarzan Swing, this activity will increase your adrenaline to the top; located at the top of the cliff, where the guests could be started and your swing at a height of 24 meters above the forest, making this an unforgettable experience.


Horseback Riding Adventure especially trained staff will welcome you and help you prepare for a ride on a horse. You are going to travel through lush paths rich in wildlife. Keep your eyes open and we will try to find deer, armadillos, raccoons, anteaters and tropical birds. One you have reached the mountain top your eyes feat in breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Here you can choose to go ahead and do a canopy tour or return to the stables and say goodbye to your four-legged companion. This adventure is truly unforgettable.


Hot Springs and Mud Baths If your muscles are tense and your mind is concerned, we have the perfect solution! Enjoy a rich volcanic mud bath mineral or wading in the thermal waters until their concerns are more than a memory. You will be able to absorb all the beauty that surrounds the river Tizate while enjoying a 47 ° C in a natural way with heated swimming pool. Survey of the landscape and you will find magnificent scenarios surrounding by making you feel one with nature. Revitalizes your body and mind in a single experience.




Tax Include





Departure Time: 06:00 a.m. (Recommended)

Return Time: Approximately 18:00

Duration of the Trip: Approximately 1:40 hours in each direction of Tamarindo.

What to Bring: bathing suit, jeans or lightweight pants, towel, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, camera, Comfortable footwear for activities of water and horseback riding ,a light coat the climate is a little lower than Tamarindo.

The Tour Includes: Transportation private land in the area of the hotel and tour Guide, Welcome Cocktail, Horseback Riding (Tractor cart), Canopy Tour, Adventure Water Slide, Hot Springs and volcanic mud bath, lunch or Gourmet dinner, Organic Agriculture.



Tizate Relaxation Package

 If you need something a little more discreet if you need to get away from it all or even if you just feel like pampering yourself ... We are going to do the entire job.come to enjoy the beauty of nature, a quiet environment and unique experiences with this package!


 • Welcome Cocktail

 • Hot Springs and volcanic mud bath

 • Lunch or Gourmet dinner 30 minutes Massage •

• Organic Agriculture tour

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