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At the time of visiting a new country we do not know much information of importance through these small aid will be able to enjoy a pleasant stay in Costa Rica.



First of all, is what is needed to pass when times are good, positive energy, know how to listen to those who know, be relaxed and stress-free .The stress must be left in place where it came from, here you have to have predisposition not to have schedules, try to interact with the culture and thus will be part of it for a period of time that will give you fruit in too.

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We are a part of it we must understand and adapt to new environments, to certain climate factors that we cannot control. Affecting the roads, flight paths, wireless communication systems therefore we must have patience and know how to wait to be composed, always look for the positive side to unexpected situations.




Obviously you have read information about the place you're going to visit. Especially of the tours that you are interested in carrying out if in the event that your visit will be carried out to places where observation of animals remember to have patience and time. It is extremely important the hours of the visit to the parks because the animals have their daily routine for sleeping and eating. Before the presence of humans often hide, therefore this quiet, with good predisposition and always keep list the camera when it is permitted to take photographs .

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Remember that whenever you visit a beach place must consult with respect to the condition of the sea if it is suitable for the bathroom , if its currents are strong, if should only cool off or can take a dip. At the time of feeding should pay special attention in the villages that are located on the banks of the sea seafood are the most exquisite, before consumption should know if you are allergic to avoid a bad time.

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Theft there are in all parties should be aware of this, and beware avoiding tempt the thief who is always attentive particularly to tourists, avoid riding with possessions of value, only what is necessary, do not carry a way ostentatious, try to do not walk with cash you can use credit cards and the case of loss or theft you can cancel with a phone call, possesses a copy of your passport as it is a very important document.

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Remember that Costa Rica is located 10 degrees north of the equator therefore the ultraviolet rays are strong so it is recommended to use sunscreen at least 15, appropriate clothing and obviously continually hydrate.

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