Leccion Surf -Surf Lesson
Surf Lleson- Leccion de Surf
Surf Lleson
Africa Mia
Thermal Water
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Arroz Cantones
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Hermosos caballos. Horses
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Canopy Pinilla
Canopy Pinilla

If you Adventure attracts us we can ensure that you perform several activities in an organized manner, so you can take your time in a better way of your vacation. The Combo is something incredible Tours you can explore Costa Rica doing different activities always accompanied by a professional guide .Another interesting point is the economic already you're saving money because we offer you a better price to perform more than one activity. The offer is varied you can combine:


Surf, Canopy , Horseback Riding, Tubing, Rafting, Hiking, Hanging Bridges, Rappelling, Water Slide, Hot Springs, Massage, Biking, kayaking, Boating, Bird Watching, Rappel, ATV, Stand up.




Today we can enjoy high-risk sports with all the security of having a good time. In the tours each brand its own pace, each one knows its limitations that combines with their physical endurance. It is called earth because through the wheels of the ATV or the bike, with your own locomotion or mounting a horse you hurtle around the earth by exploring trails by the nature .Costa Rica greets you with open arms to the you trot around. Animate. The best way to see nature from within.



 The (H2O) covers 71 % of the Earth's surface. Humans use water for several recreational purposes, among which are the exercising and playing sports. Our tours offer relate to this means of different forms in the water, on the water, under the water.



Guanacaste is one of the most beautiful regions of Costa Rica for their customs and colorful, has been established by combining the culturally indigenous tradition with that of the Spaniards and creoles in the colonial era. Customs can be seen in all the places and activities of the guanacastecos especially during the celebration of the feasts of the typical villages where you will be able to hear the traditional marimba music and eating rich meals. SiSiSi Transfers & Tours gives you the most interesting tours.


Likes the adrenaline, the nature and the feeling of flying. Costa Rica is characterized by providing these activities in an environment of extreme nature. Canopy tour, you'll fly across platforms, fastened to a cable by a harness, you are  a monkey with respect to their movements so you can observe the nature of the jungle from the canopies of the trees. The fly in a hot air balloon is another activity where you'll fly through the air as a spectator in first row inside the globe you'll have 360 degree views and photos in your retina that never forget in addition to the sensation of levitate in the air. The Auto rotation is another way to move through the heavens at a faster speed and greater distance travelled, you ll see from heaven incredible views.



If you are looking for is to be in full nature Costa Rican (flora, fauna and geology), disfrutandola reconceptualized and clubbin. Contact us we will offer you the best tours the commitment of our company by the conservation of the natural resources of the region, distinguishes us as we act with dedication, passion and respect. To make our tours you will be helping actively in the implementation of conservation projects.

 SINAC account to his post 28 national parks and several biological and forest reserves. The protected areas of Costa Rica give refuge to hundreds of species of mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, insects, fish, plants and fungi that are object of study worldwide. . SiSiSi Transfers & Tours Costa Rica offers you tours to National Parks taking consciousness of its importance when you visit them collaborates to the preservation of these.

We know that make adventure tours you will generate adrenaline, you need tours where you can relax, this means rest muscle, one way is to take a massage, a yoga class. We offer you variety of tours to reflect back to your satisfaction and harmony in your face.

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