Surf Points


SiSiSi will inform you regarding the surfing spots for surfing in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica , the best waves you can find in this beautiful country.




Surfing at Tamarindo offers waves for all types of surf level, that is the reason why many people choose as Tamarindo surf destination. The beach is quiet, of sandy soil, gentle waves and slow, why the majority of the classes are conducted there. The mouth of the river, also known as the estuary, has a larger degree of difficulty, with its left breaking waves to the North, and the right toward the South, immediately after crossing the mouth is small houses, a wave of more rapid left that usually breaks to half of the high tide. Just to the south, Small Peak produces a wave of bankruptcy right that quickly. Here you're going to have more difficulty to catch waves, since it is considered to be the wave of the premises. With a strong surge and the right direction, you can paddle to beak.


 Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Playa Langosta


Playa Langosta is very close to Tamarindo (walk 20-30 minutes). This point of surf account with a point break left and right that is lifted into the mouth of the Estero. Bear in mind the tide level.


Level: Intermediate - Advanced.

Playa Grande


You can reach Playa Grande walk from Tamarindo across the estuary the duration of the walk is 30- 40 minutes, keep in mind the tide that the return must again cross the estuary is recommended with the low tide. This surf beach, offers excellent left, rights and surfing spots for beginners to advanced. It is located about 20 minutes north of Tamarindo on car. Accessible by road to Playa Grande is the name of the entire beach located to the north of the Tamarindo estuary. The main attraction of Playa Grande is that offers incredible waves that break on the left to right by creating perfect tubes.


Level: Beginner-Intermediate –Advanced

Playa Negra


Playa Negra, located at 5 minutes just south of hazelnuts, is considered one of the best waves in Costa Rica. The surf of Playa Negra is recommended for surfers with greater experience. Surfers will find a quality break in the wave of right to left that is ideal for the pipes and the maneuvers. The waves of Black Beach are very fast.


Level : Advance

Playa Marbella


In the south of Playa Negra, located between Playa Manzanillo and Playa Ostional, the trip to Marbella is absolutely special for experienced surfers in search of good waves. The waves break in a mixture of sandy bottom with stones, and are very fast and powerful, breaking with the best medium to high tide.


Level: Intermediate- Advance.

Playa Roca Bruja


It is one of the most renowned surfing spots in the world, thousands of images of the waves crashing on the front of the rock emblematic in the center of the sea were the reason for the publications of surfing. It is located in the Santa Rosa National Park, it is possible to go driving up there, but it is a long and arduous journey, followed by a walk of half an hour. The surfers who want a trip to Witch's Rock, usually carried out by boat (We will get one for you). Witch's Rock will offer you a great day, as well as surfing at Tamarindo. The surf of Witch's Rock is characterized by very strong winds from December to March. Surfers love the speed, the pipes of the long waves in the incoming high tide during the surf at Witch's Rock-


Level Advance .



Playa Ollie ’S Point 

Also known as Potrero Grande, a walk to Ollie's Point is a good complement of things to do on your trip in boat to Witch's Rock since it is only accessible by boat and the wave is good in the middle of the low tide. Ollie's Point produces a wave very fast and hollow, the same point of waves that are presented in the movie "Endless Summer II" starring Robert August . The place was so named by the United States military Oliver North, since Ollie's Point is near the surface used for smuggling weapons to the Sandinistas in Nicaragua in the 80s ...


Level: Intermediate- Advance.

Playa Nosara


Surf break, with left and right. Around 350 kilometers from San Jose. Going from San Jose to Nicoya and from there to Nosara. It takes Aprox. 5 Hours to get there. An incredible place extensive beach if there are any, you will find different points for surfing in the same beach, when he enters surfearas sell a considerable size.



Level:  Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced.

Playa Boca Barranca

A mouth with a very long left, located 100 km from San Jose with excellent access, paved road. There are many places to stay. The dark water during the rainy season is frightening to many. Boca Barranca and any other nearby beach are not contaminated. Boca Barranca offers some of the best waves in the country.



Level: Intermediate - Advanced.


Puerto Caldera

This place has left an excellent getaway located 3 km south of Boca Barranca, Puntarenas.


Level: Intermediate - Advanced.

Playa Jaco

The wave tends to close when you put more than 5 feet. Playa Jaco is approximately 2 hours from San Jose (140 km), and the waves are not always reliable.


Level: Intermediate - Advanced..

Playa Hermosa

Beach break very strong. Has several peaks of break on the beach, one of the points is located in front of a large tree known as the almond. The conditions of the waves are usually best when the tide is rising.


Level: Intermediate - Advanced.

Playa Esterillos


 Good waveforms. wave conditions are very similar to those of Playa Hermosa.

Level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced.

Playa Dominical



Beach with strong waves with lefts and rights. Beautiful scenery and very tropical.


Level: Intermediate - Advanced.


Playa Matapalo

Excellent points exactly opposite Playa Pavones , can be reached by road from Pavones of Golfito . Perfect waves right..


Level: Intermediate - Advanced.

Playa Pavones

Excellent left point, considered one of the longest in the world. Good shape and very fast. It lies 400 km from San Jose (8 hours in car). Carry camping equipment if you want to stay there because the accommodation is plentiful and not when there is swell what abundant are surfer is always good having a tent.


Level: Intermediate - Advanced.

Playa Avellanas

The surfing conditions in beach hazelnuts are perfect all year round with winds from the north and south. Offers a wide variety of surf breaks along the entire length of the beach.


The majority are for surfers of intermediate level - Advanced.

  • The Parking Lot : Beginner Level.

  • The Palo: intermediate.

  • The estero of Hazelnuts: Advanced Level.

  • Little Hawaii: Intermediate Level. Advanced.

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