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SiSiSi Transfer & Tours you want to know a different world, where nature gives you incredible sensations. The body and your soul work together so that you can ride a wave surrounded by pure life.


Depending on the type of class will vary the duration that is between 1:30 to 2:00 Hours. We will arrive at the beach and proceed to explain the basic concepts of safety, Operation of the waves,  Rules, lifting technique. When you have understood all the concepts and achieved standing in the sand we will head for the water to have fun and learn so that you can ride a wave you will never forget.

If you are an intermediate surfer will do a brief assessment of their skills and a summary of some of the safety tips, protocol and techniques . If you are a bit more advanced, instead of receiving a surfing lesson. A guide will take you to all of the amazing surfing spots that our paradise has to offer.



Lesson Semi



Is the perfect class for those who want to share this adventure with other people can be friends, family members or new people that you can learn about sharing the same activity. Classes are small groups with a maximum of 2 students per instructor. The experience of a class of surf is unforgettable and sure not going to be the last but the first of many.

Duration: 1:30 hs

Includes: Board -Lycra - Leach - Transportation from your hotel.



Private Lesson


Group Lesson




You Want to learn with a group of people that you know that you have a family relationship, trade, friendship, you can take the group lesson designed especially for you, depending on the number of people will be assigned the number of instructors that does not exceed 4 people per instructor, under the rules of safety that we like to work and have everything under control.

Duration: 4 pax 1:30 hs, 5 or more pax 2:00hs

Includes: Board-Lycra - Leach - Transportation from your hotel.



  • Trained instructors.

  • Water safety instructors

  • (First Aiders) First aid kit.

  • Technical CPR.

  • Teaching experience in all ages.

  • We teach all e l year.

  • Levels: Beginner -Intermediate -Advanced Surf Lessons



The best way to gain a foothold in the world of surfing is through personalized instruction. Transfers SiSiSi & tours Costa Rica offers you expert instruction in one of the best surf schools in Costa Rica. We will walk you through the learning, to quickly resolve the normal obstacles that may arise we can assure you 100% that you will be mounted in a wave and feel that adrenaline rush you will never forget. Private classes are available for those surfers that require more attention or only want privacy. It was only you and your Instructor and will be able to coordinate the pace of the lesson you wish to either decide rest for a few minutes or not to stop and squeeze their abilities to the fullest.

Duration: 1:30Hs

Includes: Board -Lycra - Leach - Transportation from your hotel.


 If you are not yet convinced that we have the best surf lessons in Tamarindo, here are our main reasons for choosing:

Combo Four 




Take this combo is perfect for someone who really wants to learn because if you try to only further delay or you will learn with defect that then it will be difficult to forget the technical evil already learned that the body once assimilated a technical delay a time to forget what is assimilated. Our instructors will teach you in the manner indicated best technique for you according to your skill and your physical. Our instructors will teach you in the manner indicated best technique for you according to your skill and your physical. Taking 4 classes will proceed step by step and when you least think will be enjoying an excellent section of surfing.


Duration: 1:30Hs

Includes: Board -Lycra - Leach - Transportation from your hotel.


Lesson # 1: In this class you will be taught the basic skills first security in the water, and then on the technical standing on the table. Example how to take the table upon entering the water while we await our wave.

Lesson # 2: In the second class you already know how to enter the water, it feels safer and more are encouraged, we will continue practicing the jump on the table so to do the best possible and more quickly, we will start working the balance sheet in the decrease of the wave and the direction in which we must paddle, we will work the reading of wave, inevitable to the hour of surfing, if we do not see the wave, we can never take it.


Lesson # 3: We come to the class with more enthusiasm and energy as our knowledge are greater, in this class we will train the paddled, the reading of wave and the best way to enter the point where to take the wave of way eficacaz, we show you how sit to wait for your wave, the swing to the time of taking the sample, and the exact position of the body that must have depending on the size and force of the wave. In this class we will try to have a better pace of work taking waves more consistently to read the set of waves .We will take the wave in the direction of closure if it is to the right or left to enjoy all the travel of the wave to shore.


Lesson # 4.We arrived to the last instance you're ready to surf more peacefully now that the knowledge you have incorporated, surfear continuously according to your tiredness this class being the last has a duration of 2 hours since your physical condition should be better and you will be able to stay more time in the water. Your instructor will continue giving you directions and continuously but i will leave it to surfees by yourself so that your stylo arises.


Never forget this experience you can now call thee surfer. If your reason for coming to Costa Rica is to learn to surf, we recommend Four Combo of surfing.



 Focus Surf


Heard some time that the best way to interact with coworkers is doing an activity of recreation where all share one thing in common  exercise, there is no the different echelons, but are all found in the same level. Doing a group activity will be able to find out business associates with those who never were related or relate more or differently with those who already knew or shared time in the same area of work. This service is provided especially for companies that wish to give a prize or do a group activity outside the company for its employees communicate better by sharing a moment in the open air. We offer the service to groups between 5 to 30 people, the trainers will be allocated according to the amount of people and profile of the group. No need to have never surfed before he will be taught everything you need for that they can mount a wave, and pass a funny moment and relax.


Duration: 2 hs

Includes: Board-Lycra - Leach - Transport from your company - snack.

Price: To be arranged.


Combo   Surf





Is begins with a good class of surf, happy for your achievements when you take a look at the pictures you have taken a professional photographer you relax to receive a good massage after all the physical effort made, at that time stomp boxes make with the waves that you have taken which were printed in the retina of your eye as in the photos that you'll take as a souvenir of your section of surfing in Costa Rica.


Duration: 1:30 hs class of Surf- 40 min massage.

Includes: Board -Lycra - Leach - Transportation from your Hotel - Snack- Massage - Photographic Section.

Lesson Children




Starts the class with an explanation of the techniques of position in the table, balance, paddled by assumptions and techniques of protection for children, attention is given exclusive constant during the whole class. The instructor is prepared physically and mentally to be able to transmit confidence to the child and ensure that this becomes a time of fun and learning riding the waves of Costa Rica.

Duration: 1:30 hs class of surfing.

Includes: Board -Lycra - Leach - Transportation from your Hotel (Tamarindo)


Lesson Ladys




If you're a girl your dream was always surfing you can take a surfing lesson your desire will be realized also show you from the zero point or refine your technique .It is important to note that in the lessons you will be taught all the tips listed for women, you know why? We are going to explain class to class, the female body is a different anatomy of one male, therefore has a different balance your female instructor you will be able to explain the best way. The class begins with an explanation of the techniques of position in the table, balance, paddled by assumptions and protection techniques.


 Duration: 1:30 hs class of surfing.

 Includes: Board -Lycra - Leach - Transportation from your hotel.

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