Ride in Air Hot Ballon



Costa Rica offers, without doubt, the balloon more fascinating of the world - low and slow drift, on the forests and mountain villages, caressing the treetops of the giant trees, immersion in the white water river, and persecuting the monkeys in the treetops. With the appropriate weather conditions, we sometimes find ourselves going up to see the impressive Arenal volcano eruption above its aura of clouds.




We are approaching with the globe approximately 20 miles from the Arenal Volcano. Sometimes we are blessed with breaks in the clouds so that we can rise above and sit above a sea of sparkling white, where our only company is the majestic Arenal Volcano .Our real goal, however, is to fly at low altitude on the nearby rivers, fields and forests, play with the clouds, to have fun with the birds, and to laugh with the animals. The forests of this area are full of monkeys and iguanas, and can sometimes have a full chorus calling to us from the trees. The pleasure of flying in the balloon is to experience the wonder of flight, open and free and in harmony with nature. Flying in a hot air balloon lets you see the earth as rarely do: high enough to see the crop patterns below, but low enough to see and hear the birds and monkeys talkative in the treetops.



Children under the age of 5 years, or less than 4 meters in height, or any person who cannot rise above the edge of the basket (about 3 meters high) using only their own forces, or who lack the strength in the arm of "cling" during the landings, should not participate in the flight, but are invited to go in the vehicle of persecution, which is a great gift also.

Hot-air balloons are maintained by trained inspectors by the Ann Arbor, Michigan, manufacturer of the balloons. The inspection and the repairs are carried out in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration of USA (FAA), and our pilots have international drivers' licenses (ICAO) for balloons, valid for the flight of the balloon around the world.



we recommend legs long pants (landing in the high grass) and sturdy shoes to get wet, cap of sunscreen, sunglasses. It is likely to get wet during the trip, so wear clothes that are wet and dries quickly. It's not cold at any time, even in the height, so that no jacket is required.


Process Time : 30-45 minutes to inflate air time: 1 hour and 15 minutes Full Tour: 3 to 5 hs.



We offer prices a globe for your group vacation. Each balloon can carry the pilot plus a maximum of 800 pounds of people and equipment (maximum of 5 passengers, regardless of their size). We are going to add people to the balloon flight (from our own staff, or friends) when necessary to ensure the weight minimum controllable is met.

$ 1.200 For the charter flight Balloon ride per passenger $345, minimum of two passengers.


* See price Transportation from your hotel.


x Pax.

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