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Yoga relaxes, it helps to increase strength and flexibility, and is suitable for all ages and levels of experience. You can enjoy a private class or in one of the scheduled classes. The days and hours vary for each class, so if you are interested, please contact.


• Class Time: all the days of the week.

• Duration: depends on the type of the class "recommendation: comfortable clothes and a bottle of water

• Cost: $15 per person, per class (private sessions are also available for $65 or semi-private 2/ $85 4/ $110 each additional person $ 10)

• Includes: the use of yoga mats, yoga accessories, education, transport not included.

Locatión:  Tamarindo.


Locatión: Tamarindo, Guanacaste.

We know that camest from vacation or perhaps on a business trip or a wedding to attend but don't want to abandon your training or you want to starting here in Costa Rica . we offer you an excellent service for training according to your physical condition and your time, you can go for long walks, jogging, physical exercise modellers, resistance exercises. A Personal trainer will provide you the best tips will be pinned to your schedule and requirements.


Price: you can charge per hour or for Comprehensive Training. Don't hesitate to consult.

Sunset Tour

Locatión: Guanacaste.


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We offer you the best service of door-to-door transportation to take you to one of the best beaches of the Pacific coast.

Option A: Beach Hazelnuts .where you can enjoy a snack while watching the ocean from your hammock, go for a walk or if you want to you can go surfing. Don't forget to bring your camera to immortalize the memory of the sunset. A spectacular beach beautiful at 35 minutes from Tamarindo, a path surrounded by vegetation, a unique place with a particular environment surrounded by almond trees and animals.

Option B: Flamingo. An incredible Bay around 30 minutes from Tamarindo you can watch the sunset with a few colors and people that are on the menu bar, with a stunning balcony where you can enjoy the views across the marina Flamingo.

Duration: 3.30pm.

Recommendation: beach clothes, sunscreen, sun hat pin, anti mosquito, camera, water.

Includes: Transportation from your hotel-Guide-Timeout.


Locatón: Tamarindo, Guanacaste.

Be Given a reward or prize is given a massage because you deserve it , is located on holiday and want to relax because of the many tours that he made, the trip by plane to reach either by much sport made .SiSiSi Transfers & Tours offers you this service massage at home (a reliable professional and friendly that will provide you with the best service. Take a break and pamper your body!


Sports: the difference of the physiotherapist in the fact that does not use any type of appliances, all their work is based on their hands and their movements, thus achieving a few treatments 100% custom, drastically reducing the part of the same invasive and adapting the patients and their needs and not vice versa. Price $ 60- 45 min.

Relaxing: This type of massage your attention in download the pent-up tension, is applied slowly and with a firm pressure and progressive, still its effect relaxation and decreased muscle tone through a non-aggressive contact by the person who applies. Especially recommended for the night since it facilitates the matching of the dream . Price $50 - 40 min.

Decontracting Masotherapy: is a type of massage that seeks to improve the health of the patient by means of friction, amasamientos passes and deep, especially in the areas of greatest tension and contractures, scoring them disappear and the patient to improve their quality of life, not only in sport but in its day to day .Price $55 - 40 Min.

 Download Massage: This type of massage is especially recommended for athletes who are serious about your activity. Massage is a slow and medium-high intensity to get relax all the muscles involved in the sport, thus preventing injuries and improving performance. Price $ 40- 30 Min.


Salsa Lesson

Locatión: Tamarindo, Guanacaste.


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Salsa is a union of dancing styles afro-caribbean and European. If you are coming to a country like Costa Rica, where fences you will hear music and rhythm surely will give you a feel like dancing salsa, a good option is to take a class, for when you need it deploy your skills you do safely and fun…SiSiSi Transfers & Tours Costa Rica offers you this option of salsa exclusively for beginners are taught the basic steps and in free couple. (Couples are exchanged during the class). A very fun class.


Duration: 1, 30 Hs

Includes: Instructor - Drink - You can take the class in the lounge or in your hotel.

Spa Altos de Eros

Locatión:  Guanacaste.


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Our incomparable Costa Rica Spa invites you to embark on the journey more pleasant for your life. We are like any other Spa in Costa Rica, made up of 5 private treatment rooms with magnificent views of the rainforest and the Pacific Ocean. Our Costa Rica Spa offers a range of rejuvenating treatments carried out by our highly skilled masseurs .The experience of a day in heaven, to participate in our day spa, which offers your choice of 3 amazing treatments in addition to a gourmet lunch prepared by our Chef, served with wine. Go ahead, this is the best Spa in Costa Rica, after all, you deserve it.


 Includes: Transportation from your hotel - Day Spa.


Tour of Beaches

Locatión: Tamarindo, Guanacaste.


x Pax Include Tax

This tour offers you the opportunity to relax and enjoy a variety of beaches in the area. We will stop to enjoy the sun, the sand and the waves in the following three beaches: Pirate's Bay, Playa Conchal, Brasilito. There may defend on the beach taking photos and a refreshing swim in some of them to your choice. A different way to see several sites in the same morning or afternoon safely and taking advantage of the time.

Duration: 3 hs

Recommendation: beach clothes, sunscreen, sun hat pin, anti mosquito, camera, water.

Includes: Transportation, Guide, Snack.

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