Day of All Saints



Day of all the dead


Place: the whole country

Activity: Religious Activities-

Overview:  the day of the dead is celebrated with family visits to cemeteries to put the flowers and give maintenance to the graves of their loved ones. November is the month of las Animas, a century ago it was customary to take out souls in purgatory, it was not enough with the feasts of the novenarios, nor with the candles that were repeated in the funerals of body present, and that they should burn for the repose of the soul by whose intention is distributed, not even filled all the aspiration of the drillstring Gregorian masses that were ordered and paid in the Mandas testadores of good fortune, it was as colonial relic, the task of bringing souls in purgatory.

Boyeros National Parade


Place: San Jose

Activity: Cultural, parade, typical foods, Music.

Overview: It holds an annual parade of Boyeros with the intention of preserving the vestiges of a tradition that built the country. Places like El Quisco of Central Park, the schools for young ladies and the National Theater exist, thanks to the Bootes. In this celebration involved hundreds more than 300 of Boyeros of all parts of the country bringing to his wagon and oxen together with family. The accompany the typical masquerades that are dancing to the tune of the maroon and other dance groups. Starts in La Sabana Park, coming out of the Statue of Leon Cortes to finish in the Central Park, where they expect leaders (located on a pallet) .The first parade of Boyeros began in 1997 with the objective of rescuing the tradition of the buoy, framed in the celebrations to San Isidro Labrador.

Festival of the Arts



Location: San Jose

Activity: street theater performances, dance, music and other entertainment.

Overview: The National Festival of the Arts-FNA is an event that aims to strengthen the identity, creativity, conviviality, and essentially make real for the people a right of citizenship; accessibility to art and cultural events, strengthening the construction of democracy, as a component of integral development. The International Festival of the Arts-FIA has been characterized by being not only a window for the artistic local production before a mass audience but also an opportunity for the exchange of experiences between local and foreign artists that visit us, for the benefit of the diversity of the Costa Rican environment, both for the artist himself as to the audience.

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