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Bonanza Ganadera

Place: San José. Ferial bonanza

Activity: The bullfighting, horse racing, rodeos and other events led to the cowboys of the nation.

Overview : An animated show a week .This event account with exhibition of rope ,horse races, bull fighting mechanics, bullfights in direct ,fun and entertainment for the whole family. You can leave birth the cowboy or cowgirl in you ride a horse well-trained, or sit on the sidelines and watch the real also see a parade of horses traditional Costa Rica, the famous Stop.

Dia de Los Boyeros


Place:  San Antonio Escazú, San José.

Activity: Desfile de Carretas.

Overview : Also known as the day of the driver of carts, this celebration colorful account with traditional parades, blessing of the animals and the crops carried out by local priests carts are in ox exquisitely painted .All the carts and oxen parade from the center of Escazu until the Church of San Antonio, in a long caravan. In the carts are usually children with typical costumes. The oxcart is a national symbol, and calls attention to the large colorful that presented. Painted by hand. There are thousands of tourists and visitors who admire and enjoy this tradition. This parade has its own godmother. Dona worthy Montes, a native of San Antonio de Escazu and who all the years involved in this activity does not doubt in show honored and privileged to be able to be part of this tradition.

Festival of fruit of Orotina


Place: Orotina, Alajuela.

Activity: Fruit Market, Competition of reign, workshops, music.

Overview :Costa Rica is recognized by its nature, in which we include the fruit. Orotina is the city famous for its good fruit, and the festival lets you honor this heritage and celebrate traditions agricultures. During the festival can enjoy an outdoor market with delicious fruits, whole lot of fiesta, and a stop for horses. Also enjoy the Carnival with bands in the Caribbean and the participants in the election of the Miss International Fruit. The festival is also an opportunity to participate in various workshops, such as the importance of a healthy diet with fruits and the presentation of the techniques eco-environmental of the farmers, in favor of the protection of the environment. This festival is a unique experience and complete that allows you to meet all your senses. Be amazed by the colors and the rich flavor of the fruit, the beauty of their models, music and much more.

Show National Orchid


Place: San Jose

Activity: Exhibition of orchids.

Overview: The association which organizes has 170 partners, but with the other 10 regional associations totaling some 460 orquideofilos. The trial of orchids is made the day prior to the opening to the public.different posts are mounted by the associations, and trade by Orquidarios by collectors also participate Lankaster Botanical Garden, the Conservation Area of Monteverde and the Neotropica Foundation among others. We have recorded more than 500 plants. There are all the colors and figures, it might even be impressed of what is classified as orchid even though it may not seem. In addition, you can find a wealth of crosses of species that give extravagant flowers as a result, such as the well-known as "the crossroads of the Holy Spirit" or "Zapatito Lady". You can see the Cattleya skinneri this species, popularly known as the "Guaría dwelling", was declared national flower by the ex-president Leon Cortes Castro 61 years ago, and remains a national symbol of Costa Rica. It is a very beautiful species and predestined for exhibitions because it produces multiple clusters with 5 to 14 flowers each.

Anniversary of the Battle of Santa Rosa

Place: Santa Rosa, Guanacaste.

Activity: historical exhibition, patriotic and civic activities.

Overview  : Of the Battle of Santa Rosa was a battle between the forces of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The forces of Nicaragua were led by William Walker, a soldier of Nashville, Tennessee, USA who believed in slavery and wanted to convert all of Central America in slaves. It was one of the most important battles in the history of Costa Rica. The battle took place on 20 March 1856 in the Hacienda Santa Rosa, Liberia, Costa Rica. Today it is an old historic house preserved as an historic monument in the center of a beautiful national park. The confrontation was caused by the arrival of William Walker in Nicaragua. Arrived at the port of El Realejo in Nicaragua, with 57 soldiers. He persuaded Patricio Rivas, Nicaragua's president at that time, in attack to Costa Rica and extend your domain to any Central America to make a slave empire. The president of Costa Rica, Juan Rafael Mora Porras realized that Walker wanted to conquer them. On 27 February 1856, Mora declared war against Walker and Nicaragua.



Day of San Jose


Place: Is celebrated in all of Costa Rica. Especially in San Jose. 
Activity: Masses, fairs and bullfights, Sale of meals.
Overview  : Religious celebration in all the neighborhoods with that name. The holy Patriarch San Jose, luce crusade the chest, the tri-color flag and it was the custom that the militias you surrender honors, during Mass and procession. San Jose was, therefore, Captain of the Militia Josephites and also the patron of the capital city of the Republic of Costa Rica, there is no known document which had been conferred these honors, but the centuries-old tradition reminds us that the deserved and that it has preserved.






Holly Week


Place: the length and breadth of Costa Rica.

Activity: Religious.

Overview : The Costa Ricans take their Holy Week seriously, but not always religiously - travel peaks during this week and up to the more humble hotels can fill up months in advance. Residents of the more traditional country celebrate with religious parades through the streets and the worship of large-scale. Large processions throughout the length and breadth of the country, during the week of Passover. Generally in San Jose, all shops are closed from Holy Thursday to Sunday holy. "The Holy Week is the ideal time to be reconciled with God and have a much more intimate encounter with the. Are the days of renewal, which should take advantage of the Christian to evaluate that things must change and rethink a new life project".

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