Mango Festival


Place: Alajuela

Activity: Fiestas, dances, sports and games.

Overview:  Brief History The city of Alajuela is known as "the city of mango" thanks to the mango trees in central park. It is a very popular place to visit because it is adjacent to the Juan Santamaria international airport. In addition, the city is below the Poas Volcano.

Feria Creole Chicken


Place: The Silencio-Savegre of Quepos

Activity: Cultural and Educational.

Overview : The goal of this fair is to promote the area of the Central Pacific, specifically, the community of the silence of Quepos, with its range of tourist and cultural, in the same way they are trying to recover the traditions that develop around the rearing and production of these poultry. Creole Meals mainly based on chicken and products of the area, festival rancher, evenings and nights dancing, chariot and comparsa, treading, presentation of folk groups, mejenga football with rubber boots and focus, crafts and products of the area, sporting activities of football, volleyball, concerts.

International Museum Day


Place: San Jose

Activity: historical exhibition.

Overview : To celebrate the International Day this year, several museums Costa Ricans will lead the night of the museums, an encounter with a long tradition in more than 130 European cities that was born in Berlin in 1977 that is carried out in order to emphasize the value of conservation and publicize the natural and cultural heritage of the world. During this celebration some museums offer free entry to the exhibitions and the various activities to be carried out. Take advantage of this time to go in the city these places dedicated to the preservation of the memory, artistic production, the registry of traditions or the scientific knowledge of our community and find out what secrets and curiosities saved.


Mud Fair San Miguel de Sarapiqui



Place: Community of Ujarass, New cinchona, San Miguel de Sarapiqui

Activity: Cultural and Educational.

Overview : Sale and exhibition of crafts Sale of cheeses of the area Coffee Tour hike in the mountain fishing for Tilapia Raffles of tourist packages delicious meals traditional games collection of recyclable waste such as paper, plastic, cardboard, glass and cans.

Feria  Agrícola Pecuaria



Place: Field Agricultural Exhibition Center Crowned

Activity: Popular feasts: dances, games, sports, cultural and educational activities, exhibition of livestock, ranchers Shows, Competition There are joggers all around horse, Booth of trading houses.

Overview: The visitors may find sale of heifers, agricultural products, an exhibition of snakes and activities for children. Has a loaded program of events for the lovers of the farming culture, which includes, in addition to dairy cattle, species such as goats, rabbits and sheep, as well as specialist lectures on production systems friendly with the environment and organic agriculture.

Festival of the Nimbueras


 Place: San Vicente, Nicoya, Guanacaste

 Activity: Cultural and Educational. Creole Foods, exhibition and sale of handicrafts Chorotega, Ecomuseum of the Chorotega ceramics with demonstrations.

 Overview: The community of San Vicente de Nicoya has dedicated him a feast to an instrument similar to a mixing bowl, used for the preparation of chicha, and that is part of a tradition of 4 thousand years: The nimbueras.This is the Festival of the Nimbueras, organized by the assembly from Nicoya in association to the Ecomuseum of the Chorotega crafts, a place where there will be installed; the Network of Community Museums of Costa Rica, the Ministry of Culture and Youth, and the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT). "With this festival the expectations that you have to know the community of San Vicente as a people, where is preserved the culture of our indigenous ancestors Chorotegas with the production of ceramics". There will be both display of crafts, such as sales of the same. As well as cultural activities and a variety of traditional meals for visitors to enjoy this feast.

Celebration of San Pedro and San Pablo



Place: In all of Costa Rica.

Activity: religious celebration

Overview :  "Peter, the first preacher of the faith; Paul, teacher of truth". Today is a day to thank the apostolic faith proclaimed by these two columns with his preaching. It is faith that overcomes the world, because it believes and proclaims that Jesus is the Son of God: "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God" (Mt 16.16 ). We contemplate something that lets you appoint them as "the first preachers of the Gospel", and that with his martyrdom confirmed his testimony.

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