The Chayote Fai



Place: Ruins of Ujarass, Paradise of Carthage.

Activity: Popular feasts: dances, games, sports,

Overview : Sale of chayotes, meals on the basis of chayote, typical meals, products of the area, handicrafts, paintings, theater, contests of the chayote heavier and faster baling, contest floral arrangements with elements of the chayote, contest of meal of chayote, fireworks, aerobics, workshops, concerts, clowns, maroon and stilts, traditional games, hiking and the tourist offer of the area. The fair will allow those who visit, know variety and types of chayote, such as potherbs, creole black, white and cocoro, among others, produced in the area, as well as in taste delicious dishes prepared on the basis of the vegetable eggnog, days there is both a, pantries developed from chayote in combination with other ingredients.

Expo Marimba


Place: Paseo of the Marimba in Santa Barbara in Santa Cruz.

Activity: Popular feasts: dances, games, sports.

Overview: Passacaglias and defiance with maroon, dance and folklore dance concerts, performances, workshops, forums, exhibitions of marimbas, tasting and sale of some typical meals cooked with wood and solar energy and products of the area, organic products, Chorotega pottery Guaitil and San Vicente, planting of trees timber Cristobal, cachimbo and El Guarumo, Presillas for the elaboration of the marimbas, traditional games for children and recreational activities for older adult. Sale of handicrafts made with recycled material and with seeds of native species. Horseback riding in the light of the full moon and so much more await you in Santa Barbara.

Day of the Virgin of the Sea



Place : Puntarenas.

Activity: Religious, food, music and parades.

Overview: The celebrations include a parade of fishing boats and yachts adorned very colorinamente off the beaches of Puntarenas in the Gulf of Nicoya; one of the ships carries an image of the patron saint of Puntarenas, the Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Fishermen pray to the Virgin of the Sea to give thanks for the fruits of their labor and ask boldly predict that protect them every time they go out of the port and travel the seas in search of their livelihood. The number of boats participating in the procession was rising over the years. The boats are gaily decorated with balloons, flags and garlands of colors. Hundreds of visitors arrive in Puntarenas to participate in this celebration and enjoy the beach from the route of the procession. Once the procession on the day Sunday, the community puntarenense waits for the day Monday. After a solemn mass, it is appropriate to move the image back to the community of Carmen near what is known as "The Tip".

Day of the annexation of Guanacaste



Place: focuses on Liberia, the capital of Guanacaste, although you will find celebrations throughout the country.

Activity: Historical and Cultural Point of View.

Overview: We are celebrating the annexation of the party of Nicoya in 1824, what we know today as the province of Guanacaste, festivals, dances, stops, livestock fairs, bullfights and concerts. (The party of Nicoya was a territory that included the land located between the river on the flower and the lake of Nicaragua to the north-west and south of Costa Rica (Gulf of Nicoya, Tempisque River, river jumping and a line that linked to this with the start of the Desaguadero River or Rio San Juan).

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