First two weeks of January


Celebrations of Palmares


Place: Palmares

Activity: dances, carnival, music, walks, and bullfights popular.

Overview: On 30 July 1888 Palmares was decreed as the canton number 7 of the province of Alajuela, has already served 126 years of being a beautiful canton. The Canton of Palmares is a people alive and cheerful holiday that celebrates its big on its maximum splendor, during two weeks performed different kinds of activities : bullfights, Stop, Fireworks, typical dances, typical meals, sports activities, concerts for the public from traditional music, the marimba, Rock, reggae, etc.



Day of the Holy Christ Esquipulas


Place: Cartago and Santa Cruz, Guanacaste.

Activity: Popular feasts: dances, games, sports.

Overview:The feast includes a solemn procession with the image in the main streets of the city. Next to these events is very important the participation of the Butlers of Esquipulas or responsible, together with the priests, of everything that relates to the Holy Christ, as well as the Indian Promesanos, group that runs a traditional dance in honor of Esquipulas. All these activities are supported by the Confraternity of the Holy Christ of Esquipulas and within the framework of the celebrations with civic mechanical games and food and beverage outlets, without lacking the traditional Chinchivi (deformation of ginger beer or ginger beer).

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