First Week




Fiesta San Isidro General


Location: The village called San Isidro de El General is located in the valley called The General Canton of Perez Zeledon.

Activity: Catholic holiday. Exhibition Fair livestock, agricultural and industrial, bullfights traditional flowers and exposure.

Overview: San Isidro (1070-1130) is the patron saint of farmers and of Madrid is a city of its birth, labrador spanish, worked hard all his life, combining a deep love for God with a deep love for the earth. His reverence for the land that is cultivated for all of us a wonderful example of the delicate balance and the intimate relationship that we should all take to the earth and its gifts.


Patron Saint Festivities of the Virgen de la Candelaria


Place: L to city of Esparza, Puntarenas, the Virgin of Candelaria is the patron saint of the city.

Activity: catholic holiday. MISA, Bingo, Carousels, artistic and cultural activities, procession, fireworks.

Overview :Virgen de la Candelaria or Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, is an invocation of the Virgin Mary, which has its origin in Tenerife (Spain). Its etiology is derived of the lampstand or candle that refers to the light: the light santa that guides them toward the right path and the redemption and Aviva faith in God. His feast day is celebrated according to the liturgical calendar on February 2, by the night provides a serenade with mariachis to the Patron. The same day, the blessing of candles and procession with the entrance to the temple of the pictures from the districts of the canton, as has been usual in the afternoon and evening there are blessing of children and game of gunpowder. Everything in the framework of the traditional turn, walks and masquerades, the festival represents the presentation of the Infant Jesus to the temple and the purification of the Virgin Mary. The fiesta de La Candelaria is so called because in it are blessed candles that will be needed throughout the year, in order to never lack the light houses both physical and spiritual.

Last Week

Party of Los Diablitos


Place: South of San Isidro del General in the village of Boruca Rey Curre.

Activity: Art Sale, Fair of domestic and imported products, dances, Fireworks, Cultural Representations.


 is a reconstruction of the struggle between Indians (coed) and Spanish (a bull), where the masks, colorful costumes of wood, dances and fireworks created the scene . The game of the Coed represents in the form of drama a historic episode. It also symbolizes the continuing effort of the indigenous communities to defend their traditions, customs, beliefs and languages.

Last Week

Puntarenas Carnival


Place: Puntarenas

Activity: Fiesta. Concerts, reigns, Stop, mechanical games, Sale of meals.


 The Carnival of Puntarenas invite people closer and learn a bit more about this holiday that has become tradition for being a public holiday, where there are grouped several artistic manifestations such as dance, music, the masquerades, fireworks, the development of allegorical floats to themes, among others. The activities that occur during the 2 weeks that lasts the festivity.

Last Week

Sun festival

Location: San Jose

Activity: recreational. Mystic.

Overview : This is the annual celebration of New Year Maya that culminates in a ceremony of fire and a meeting to promote solar energy.

Last Week

Fiestas Cívicas de Liberia

Location: Liberia

Activity: Guanacaste folklore and traditions are celebrated with music, games and concerts throughout Liberia

Overview: All the years, at the end of the month of February the people guanacastecas are thrown in the street to celebrate their best practices, which include the musical and the equestrian: while the marimbas they celebrated a spontaneous concert, hooves and awaken the joy bogotã¡. Festivities will start at midnight with a "bomblets" show (fireworks without the colors and with much more noise) and a maroon touching music typical guanacastecan. Among the most popular activities are the parade horse journal (called Stop in Costa Rica) at noon and the parade of Maroon 05 a.m. called "Diana". This morning Diana is famous for its main attraction; drunk people dancing in the street after the party all night. This morning Diana is famous for its main attraction; drunk people dancing in the street after the party all night. The central scene of the festivities, however, is the traditional style of the bullfights characteristics in the form of a ring.

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