Location: Tamarindo, Flamingo ,Guanacaste.

Special for those who enjoy walking on wheels .The tour can last half day or whole day. In the dry season from December to May, the feeling will be covered with dust, walking with low visibility, perceive the sounds of nature and of the engine, the other months will be filled with mud that no distinction is the color of their skin, fun and adrenaline as a whole. The Guanacaste terrain are perfect for this adventure crossing rivers, streams, forest trails, road up to the shore of the sea.



Location: Tamarindo, Guanacaste.


A specialty of the mountaineering, is a non-competitive sporting activity that is performed on roads .aims to bring people to the natural environment and the knowledge of the area through the heritage and the cultural and ethnographic elements .This activity (also called hiking), constitutes a symbiosis between sport, culture and environment. We'll take you along by some trails which can be crossed easily; others require a little more physical effort.In the site you visit, you will have the possibility to observe nature, and enjoy the beauty of the tropical dry forest or moist tropical forest.




Location: Tamarindo, Guanacaste.


SiSiSi Transfers & Tours Costa Rica is your specialist in mountain biking in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, offers you different guided tours that cater to all levels. What better way to explore the jungles and beaches, which with a mountain bike experience unforgettable? You can opt for different paths. In our mountain biking tours we will provide you helmet, guide, soft drink and snack. Our guide will ensure that you have the best experience of my life, by adapting the tour for their skills and experience in bicycle.



Horses Back Riding

Location: Tamarindo, Guanacaste.


You likes Horseback Riding, came to Costa Rica and you want to know about the nature, its landscapes, mounted on horseback is a great idea SiSiSi Transfers & Tours Costa Rica have different options differ in landscapes, of greater or lesser length, all tours include transportation from your hotel to the place of departure of the cavalcade, soft drink and guide. It is kind of tour is also for those who have never been encouraged horseback riding , nothing more attractive than fit in paths of impressive beauty accompanied by a guide who will ensure at all times.



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