Feria del  Chicarrón


Place: fair Field of Puriscal

Activity: Cultural and Educational Activities.

Overview:  Sales of greaves and derived from the pig, typical meals, crafts and products of the area, runs to the tica, stop. It is a tradition of people of Puriscal the elaboration of greaves, chorizo and salchichón, meat products from more than 100 years ago. The Union of Associations of Cantonal Puriscal organizes since 1999 the traditional Feria the chicharrón in the first week of the month of December. Dozens of families continue the tradition of elaboration of greaves, recipes that have been inherited from their ancestors and saved with suspicion. The "greaves of achy" are the most quoted, as they combine meat and fat in a way pleasing to the palate of the carnivorous persons who move to this town to purchase this product. The fair is sponsored by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute. In the framework of the fair, also promoted tourist sites, sale of handicrafts and other products of the area; as well as cultural, recreational and sporting activities.

The feasts of the luminaires


Place: San Jose, is celebrated in several towns, among them: Aserri , the Friars, Corralillo of Cartagena and other towns in the area of the Saints.

 Activity: Fireworks and concerts.

Overview: The same has been held since many years ago as a traditional activity on the eve of the feast in honor of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the December 7 .When it comes to the afternoon of the day December 7, the aserricenos light a campfire around six, and thrown over it all dry leno who found the previous day, as well as papers, leaves and old tires of cars and other materials that are easy to burn. The idea is to form a campfire with persistent flame. When the bonfire is at its best, the people go absolutely berserk when around her. On the other hand, while listening to the younger shout when skipping the campfire, the adults and children are sitting in a group around the place. The festive evening is accompanied by a game of gunpowder and the delicious meals, among which are aguadulce, cake, and the rich days there is both a tamal roast.

Day of the Immaculate Conception



Immaculate Conception of Mary is the dogma of faith that declares that by a special grace of God, Mary was preserved from all sin from its conception, because of their dignity as Mother of God. This means Mary sinlessness, presence of sanctifying grace, virtues and gifts, and absence of inclination to evil. Why it is called Immaculate…

The Feast of the Yeguita



Place: Nicoya

Activity: religious veneration. Parades, dances, food and Fireworks.

Overview: A parade to celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe accompanied by the famous "Dance of the Yeguita", in which the locals dance the yeguita, another playing the melody on flute, a third party plays a drum and a fourth dances with the yeguita presenting the image of the virgin.It is a mixture of catholic and indigenous tradition, where believers celebrate with joy in a particular way the religious feast. The tradition of the yeguita or seahorse, is represented by a man dressed in a kind of an underskirt, made with a rim of liana and capped with a blanket or with a blanket; forward will be placed a horse head made of wood and a queue behind .In the parade we can the seahorse with their dances, bows and bows, in front of the Virgin, to the beat of a are running with drums, whistles (that were formerly ocarinas of mud).




Place: All Costa Rica

Activity: religious feast.

Overview: Celebrations of Christmas. The inhabitants made decorations in the portals of the houses that have been doing for months. This is the best time to start making tamales - each family has its own recipe.

Nacional Tope



Place: San Jose

Activity: Cultural - Parade of horses.

Overview: a parade of national annual horses that gives a walk through the center of San Jose, where the animals are well-trained awesome legs . Considered part of the national folklore, the stop event is the summit of the lovers of riding as a leisure activity. This stop, is one of the busiest, which attracts some horsemen throughout the country to show off their elegant copies with flamboyant outfits, through the main streets of San Jose. It is characterized by the participation of musical groups that encourage from different scenarios located along the route.



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