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Leccion viky 3.jpg

Principiantes Surf Camp

Principiantes Surf Camp



Principiantes Surf Camp

Principiantes Surf Camp

Beginner Surf Camp



This option is designed for those who want to learn to surf from the zero point, or if you have some knowledge but have not applied for quite some time, this is your best chance to make a return. Surf SiSiSi Camp will provide all the necessary implements accompanied by a professional instructor, Take surfing lessons throughout your stay and will end the Camp as a Real Surfer.




You will find the Transport Shuttle Service from the airport of arrival Daniel Oduber located in the city of Liberia to Tamarindo and likewise your return. In addition you will find the transfers to the activities of the Surf Camp as the two activities of Tours you choose.


Lecciones de Surf 


Lesson # 1: In this class you will be taught the basic knowledge first to security in the water, and then on the technical standing on the table, how to take the table upon entering the water while we await our wave.

Lesson # 2: In the second class you already know how to enter the water, it feels safer and more are encouraged, we will continue practicing the jump on the table so as to do the best you can and more quickly, we will start working the balance sheet in the decrease of the wave and the direction in which we must row, working the reading of wave, inevitable to the hour of surfing, if we do not see the wave, we can never take it ..

Lesson # 3: We come to the class with more enthusiasm and energy as our knowledge are greater, in this class we will train the paddled, the reading of wave and the best way to enter the point where to take the wave effectively, we show you how sit to wait for the wave, the swing to the time of taking the wave and the exact position of the body that must have depending on the size and force of the wave. In this class we will try to have a better pace of work taking waves more consistently to read the set of wave better. We will take the wave in the direction of closure if it is to the right or left to enjoy the entire path of the wave to the shore.

Lesson # 4: arrived at the last instance you're ready to surf more peacefully now that the knowledge you have incorporated, surfearemos continuously according to your tiredness this class we will train for the day of graduation.


Day of Surfing Trip   Graduation

Is the day that you've achieved your goals will be your last time in the water the trip will have a duration of approximately 3 hours we will reach a different beach, with beautiful scenery and good waves. Your instructor will continue giving you directions in a continuous manner but it is no longer that surfees by yourself to emerge your Stylo. Never forget this experience you can now call thee surfer.



We offer you 3 different options on the Tamarindo town very close to the beach , in the heart, they differ in size, when it comes to choosing you can decide according to if you're traveling alone or accompanied by your partner or by friends or family.


Typical Daily Breakfast

 For breakfast, it is common serve a hearty dish of rice and black beans (called Gallo pinto) seasoned with onion and sweet pepper, accompanied by fried eggs, custard and corn tortillas. In addition you will find coffee fruit and blasting.


Choose 2 of the following 7 activities:














Surfing instructors bilingual.

Use of surfboard Unlimited.

Surf Equipment (surfboards, Leach, Wax, Licra)

Optional professional photography (images recorded on CD).



 Beginner Surf Camp Package Includes:

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