Day of Our Lady Virgin of Los Angeles


Place: Carthage

Activity: Religious, Pilgrimage.

Overview: Patron Saint of Costa Rica, the affection call, " the Bold" with pilgrimage at the national level and the religious processions to the Basilica in Carthage. On 24 September 1824, by decree of the highest political authorities in the country, declared to the Virgen de los Ángeles, official patron saint of Costa Rica. The name was given because the August 2, the day of the discovery, the Franciscan order venerates their patron Saint Mary of the Angels. All the years, in Carthage (Costa Rica) performs what is called "the pilgrimage", where it reaches a constant pilgrimage of devotees who are going to visit her mother in heaven. Many fall to their knees basilica, as an act of humility and of thanksgiving and then go to pray before the rock where the image was found.

Gastronomic festival of the Sea



Place : National Technical University, Puntarenas. Lectures, workshops, demonstrations, Fair.

Activity: popular festivals. Gastronomy.

Overview: Of Kitchen Competition and Cocktail Shaker intended for schools technical professionals with the specialty of Tourism.

Festival of the Jocote


 Place: between Uruca of Aserri, San Jose

 Activity: Popular feasts: sports, sale of jocotes, meals and products based on jocote, creole foods and products of the area, children's activities, concerts, dances, hiking, mountain biking, quad bikes, tour the jocote and much more.

 Overview: The 2004 crop of jocote is one of the main economic activities of this people. The dedication to the planting of this fruit is presented in a spontaneous manner and for family consumption from the decade of the forties. It is carried out by individuals competitions, such as the "King or Queen apeadora", a title which is given to the person who will collect the greatest amount of jocotes of trees in the shortest possible time. Another contest different is the "King or Queen escogedora", who must classify the jocotes according to size or degree of maturation. During the fair, offers to the visitors thousands of kilograms of green and ripe jocotes, also taking the opportunity to taste recipes with this product alternatives among which are the preserved jocote, honey jocote, wines, puddings, ice cream and jocotes jocote green with chocolate-covered.

Day of the National Parks



 Places: National Parks

 Activity: Popular feasts: dances, games, sports.

 Overview:  National Park is a category of protected area that enjoys a certain legal status that allows you to protect and preserve biodiversity that is found in the This area should include representative samples of ecosystems of national significance, show little evidence of human activity, offer significant attractions for visitors and have the capacity for a recreational and educational use in a controlled manner.

Arreo fiestas de Santa Rosa



Place: Santa Rosa , Guanacaste.

Activity: Popular feasts: dances, games, Stop.

Overview: The Leash starts coming out of the heavy hoofs to 10.00am, in the direction of the Hacienda La Pinta, a stop is made at the crossing the Panamases, of course there will be taken to the bar The Cevichito boundary, where there will be a reception for all who attend, hence you will enter the estate of the Sr Martin Vallejos which is across from the Plaza de Sports of boundaries.

San Ramon Day


 Place: San Ramon

 Activity: Religious.

 Overview: The ramonense people celebrating a traditional activity called "The entry of the saints". It consists of a parade with religious images, representing the hamlets near and belonging to the parish, as well as of local institutions. This activity is carried out in response to the tradition of the patron saint for their feast must exit the temple, going along the main streets and be accompanied by the saints of your iglesias subsidiaries of the parish. Each saint is taken up to the village center in andas, cart or chariot, vehicles that are decorated in a special way by the parishioners. It is accompanied by lively musicians that are noisy music, invite the parishioners to join the feast. From very early, the musicians are prepared to accompany the image of San Ramon. The neighbors decorate the andas of his saints with flowers, giving a colorful spectacular. As a good host, the image of St. Raymond Nonnatus waiting at the entrance to the temple to all the saints visitors brought in by the neighbors of all districts. The procession starts in the atrium of the Cathedral of San Ramon, led by the image of San Ramon and makes a journey through the first quadrant. The church bells, named "Ramona" and "Aurora" jingle bells announcing the departure of the patron saint in the company of visitors. Return to dream, when the image returns to the atrium and is received in a symbolic way to all the saints who have also complied with the tour. People smell the typical meals, of gunpowder from the hoarse bomblets and incense. No shortage of greaves, the picadillo pope and de Arracache" (minced arracache root, accompanied by rice with milk, pot of meat, tamales and cocks of meat in sauce. The music of the multiple interpreters is confused, when arriving at the park, each group plays different tune. This religious holiday, has a stamp in the ramonense culture of the people and many people around the country gather to celebrate with the ramonenses an event as traditional. For the next day, people gather in the temple to celebrate the Eucharist presided over by the Bishop of Alajuela.

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