Firts Week



Holly Week


Place: the length and breadth of Costa Rica.

Activity: Religious.

Overview : The Costa Ricans take their Holy Week seriously, but not always religiously - travel peaks during this week and up to the more humble hotels can fill up months in advance. Residents of the more traditional country celebrate with religious parades through the streets and the worship of large-scale. Large processions throughout the length and breadth of the country, during the week of Passover. Generally in San Jose, all shops are closed from Holy Thursday to Sunday holy. "The Holy Week is the ideal time to be reconciled with God and have a much more intimate encounter with the. Are the days of renewal, which should take advantage of the Christian to evaluate that things must change and rethink a new life project".

Day of Juan Santa Maria


Place: Alajuela

Activity: historical exhibition, parades, music, and dance.

Overview: Commemorates the national hero of Costa Rica, a barefoot soldier who gave his life in battle against the troops of William Walker in 1856, an American, with trends slave, which was governed under the doctrine of "Manifest Destiny" (the domain of the powerful countries on the small). Celebrations throughout the week with student band parades, concerts and dances.The story of the heroic Santamaria was heavily promoted by the government of Costa Rica in 1891 as a source of national identity and symbol of union of the people of Costa Rica. Since then, its legacy has remained strong, and there are numerous statues throughout the country in honor of Santa Maria that they portray him running with a torch.

 Our Lady of procession Ujarass


Place: Ujarass district of Cachi, canton of Paradise, Cartago province

Activity: religious celebration. Pilgrimage.

Overview : With expressions of jubilation and various manifestations of Marian devotion, so it will be at the traditional pilgrimage of Our Lady of Ujarass that occur in Costa Rica. From 7:00 in the morning, thousands of pilgrims -as is the custom for several years now-, will depart from the temple of heaven in a hike of 7 miles that will accompany the image of Our Lady to the Valley of Ujarass. Once you reach the pilgrimage to the valley, at around 10:00 in the morning, there will be a Holy Mass which will be chaired by the Bishop of Carthage, followed by the which will be carried out several cultural activities in tribute to the "Captain General of the Civil Guard", as is known the Virgin of Ujarass. By his stay for several centuries, the pilgrimage toward Ujarass is today one of the most important Marian feasts that are commemorated in Costa Rica.

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